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Welcome to the website of the Mid-Yorkshire Fungus Group (MYFG). We are a small and friendly group of people who are interested in studying fungi. Some of us are beginners at fungi, some are very experienced, and many are in between. You're welcome to contact us if you want to know more.

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To get in touch with us, please send an email to this address and we will get back to you ASAP.


2023-04-29 - Craven Group Foray

Archie McAdam and Ron Golightly will be leading a foray for the Craven Group at Swinsty Reservoir on Wednesday 3rd May, from 10:00 to 12:00. Meet at the car park on the south side of Swinsty (SE187538). Note that there is now a charge for parking here - £2 for 2 hours, or £3 for 6 hours. All MYFG members welcome. For further information, please email Archie at this address

2023-03-05 - Geoglossum key update

Mal Greaves has been working on further updates to the Geoglossum tombio key - the changes are now online here. Please access the key using the link under fungi and contact Mal or the webmaster if the key does not seem to be working as expected, or if you notice any errors.

2023-03-05 - Event list for 2023

The MYFG event list for 2023 is in preparation at the moment. It is currently nearing completion and should be online in the very near future. MYFG members will be notified by email when the list is ready.

2020-12-05 - Nidderdale AONB Wild Watch State of Nature report

Last year, we were asked by the Nidderdale AONB if we could provide a contribution on fungi for the Wild Watch project being run by the AONB. Your webmaster compiled a report of our experiences and findings over the years at two sites within the AONB - Swinsty Reservoir and Fountains Abbey - and submitted it: it was accepted, and the Wild Watch project State of Nature report is now online on the Nidderdale AONB web site. A summary of our report is included in the main report; the full text of our report is included separately.


Our calendar of events for 2023 is now available:

Given the current situation, some things are different this year. Please read the event lists carefully and take note of the changes.

Please note!

Unless otherwise stated, events are intended for MYFG members only. We're happy for non-members to attend forays as guests once or twice - but if you enjoy the experience, we then expect you to join the group!

If you are intending to attend as a guest, please contact the foray leader before the event and let them know that you're coming.

Also please note

This year, contact phone numbers are not included in the version of the event list on the web site. Contact numbers are included in the version of the event list which is sent out to MYFG members. If you are a member of MYFG and have not received the 2023 event list by email, please contact the membership secretary who will send you a copy.



Mal Greaves has submitted an article and new key for this genus, available here

Scutellinia and Geoglossum

For some years, Mal Greaves has been making a special study of the genus Scutellinia (eyelash fungi): based on his research, and using the Tombio ID visualisation framework, he has created an interactive key to the genus; following on from this work, he has also produced a similar key to the genus Geoglossum (earth tongues.) Both these keys are now available on this site: For further information, or to discuss any issues whilst using the key, please contact Mal at recorder@lintoncottage.com.

Fungal records

The following are lists (in PDF format) of fungi found during some of our forays:

Site Date
Otley Chevin 01/10/2016
Swinsty Reservoir 26/09/2015


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