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Welcome to the website of the Mid-Yorkshire Fungus Group (MYFG). We are a small and friendly group of people who are interested in studying fungi. Some of us are beginners at fungi, some are very experienced, and many are in between. You're welcome to contact us if you want to know more.

About us

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We welcome new members. The annual membership subscription runs from January to December. There are no part-year reductions, but if you join on or after 1 October in any year, your membership will run till the end of the following year. Our current fees are: If you would like to join, please print off a copy of this application form, fill it in, and follow the instructions at the bottom of the form. If you would like to discuss any aspect of membership, contact our Membership Secretary at the contact given below. Before applying for membership, please ensure that you read this disclaimer.

Contact us

MYFG committee members

MYFG, details of our meetings and public foraysAnne Bowers
phone: 0113 275 8957
Membership; invitations to our foraysMary Larner
[Treasurer and Membership Secretary]
phone: 0113 261 2589
MYFG email group Archie McAdamphone: 01756 793 359
NewsletterIan Forward
[Newsletter editor]
phone: 01274 637 171
RecordingMalcolm Greaves
email: recorder@lintoncottage.com
 Andy Woodall
phone: 0113 258 6569
 Alan Braddock
[Yearbook compiler]
phone: 01924 275 631
 Denise Carterphone: 07801 557 388
email: denise_carter@me.com
 Phil Swinhoephone: 0113 285 4549
email: pswinster@yahoo.co.uk
 Adrian Bennettphone: 01423 324011
email: adrian@dromomania.demon.co.uk
Web sitePeter Duffy
email: peter@pwduffy.org.uk


Our calendar of events for 2016 is now available:

Fungal records

Here are lists (in PDF format) of fungi found during some of our recent forays:

Swinsty Reservoir26/09/2015

More will be added as the lists of confirmed finds become available.


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